Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Carrs Lane Enfield. Watercolour.

I seem to be doing two paintings each day. I'm sure that I could do three or four if I didn't have to spend so much time on Facebook, Google+ and getting side-tracked. I need to find an outlet for my artwork and I'm finding that marketing via social media has so many options that I could follow that it's quite overwhelming.

However here is my second painting of the day. Nice and loose.
Carrs Lane. Watercolour 9.75 x 5 inches.


  1. Another great watercolour John!
    I'm fascinated by how you so eloquently capture the light, colours and atmosphere in your work.

    As for your social media endeavours, have you read my recent article here: http://watercolourjourney.com/6-social-media-tips-for-the-art-world/

    I'm giving a social media presentation in Chelmsford on 20th Nov (next week) If you wanted to meet up with me there I'd be happy to share a few social media marketing tips with you over a coffee if you feel that would help :-)

  2. Thanks +Ian McKendrick (Hmmm, now, will that + work in blogger? I've read part of your article and will read more later, thanks for that. I'm normally pretty good with Social Media but every now and again I get a brain-dump and need to revise it all again.

    I'm trying to keep things as simple as I can and not get into things like Twitter and Hootsuite etc. I'd far rather be painting than getting too involved in all that. (If I can).

    I understand about engaging with my audience and giving hints and tips etc. but I don't think I'm alone in knowing that the majority of my audience is composed of other artists and not many are interested in buying art and I really can't spend all my time giving tips although I'm more than happy to some of the time. It's good to share good practices but it's the art collector/buyers that seems to be the elusive element.

    If I can find a way to appeal and engage with them, I'll keep it to myself :) Only kidding.

    Thanks for your kind offer of a coffee and a chat but I wouldn't be able to make that date.

    Thanks again for your encouragement and kind offer.

  3. I like this alot. Aspecially the path in the middle gives the painting a little extra!

  4. I love the lines of the trees and branches. They are so natural and convincing!


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